Goalkeepers Wrist & Finger Protection Tape

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PST Goalkeepers Wrist & Finger Protection Tape – 5cms x 4.5m per roll.

The PST GK Tape is the original and still the best. It has a unique construction which is soft to the touch but extremely supportive to play in. The basic features are as follows –

• Can be worn next to the skin – no adhesive

• Light weight

• 4.5m rolls

• Helps protect injured fingers

• Multi use and re-usable

• Porous and soft yet strong and water resistant

• Gives a ‘confident’ feel

• Can help reduce finger / wrist injuries.

A great tape that can be worn every match to give great confidence or just to protect that injured finger or wrist. A must have for each and every goalkeeper at all levels of the game ….. Don’t go into battle without it!



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