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Welcome to Premier Sock Tape the World’s No.1 range of coloured sock tapes for footballers.

Premier Sock Tape has been developed with the conscientious sportsman and woman in mind. Our main tape, the 19mm Pro ES Sock Tape, is made from a unique and patented soft polyvinyl-chloride rubber that has a chemical change from that of normal electrical type tapes. PST have the world-wide licence to use this highly technical type of tape and have now positioned it as the most used 19mm sock tape in the Premier League and many other top leagues across the globe. Buy Now

Keeping your socks up and your shin protection in place is important and Premier Sock Tape does this perfectly. As well as being extremely supportive our tape will give you that confident feel that no other coloured sock tape can give.

Once our sock tape comes up to body temperature it has an amazing amount of give or stretch so as not to impede the users muscle blood supply and help them play for longer without the fear of cramping up.  With over 130% stretching ability before snapping the PST tape has no equal on the playing field.

Along with our world leading 19mm Sock Tape we also offer the most comprehensive range of Sports Tapes currently available – from our 7.5cms Pro-Wrap to our 38mm Shin Guard Retainer tape and our original Goalkeepers Wrist and Finger Protection Tape we have it all covered and if it comes down to colour then you know we have it sorted with over 23 different colour combinations ready and waiting in stock.

So, please enjoy looking through our website and we hope you find exactly what you are looking for, after all, your taping requirements are one of the most important items of kit that you can purchase and it should be fun!


Premier Sock Tape …… The original and still the best!     #WevegotitTaped

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